The Other Side of Grief

The Dark Side

In life we face numerous obstacles which leave us with a feeling of loss. We lose a job, money, or a home. These life challenges can hit us at any time leaving us feeling that life just isn’t fair or that the world is crashing down around us.  Eventually we pull out of it and replace that loss with something else.

The one thing that we lose that we cannot replace is the loss of life. Losing a parent, sibling, spouse or child or anyone we love causes such a deep suffering in our soul.  We cannot be consoled by words and the pain is so deep in our chest that breathing is hard.  It becomes hard to engage in life or fathom what tomorrow will be like without the person.  The holidays are lackluster and never really quite feel the same again. We go through the painful process of accepting our hopes and dreams, the life we pictured with the person has come to a halt.   Even the most daily tasks can become heavy and relentless. We are waiting to feel better, for time to pass, and that magic moment of feeling like ourself to arrive. Grief can go on so long we forget what it was like to be who we once were before the loss. Time doesn’t actually heal the loss it just allows us to adjust and learn to live in our new reality.

Besides time,  there is one thing that can help with such a loss and that is the proof of continued existence of your loved one. As a Psychic Medium, I have been blessed to be able to ease grief in the best way possible, providing the truth that the spirit and consciousness  and even daily (as we understand time) existence continues on in a different form once a person has a physical death. They are with you, they hear you and if you learn a few new things about your senses you can feel them and have a new awareness of their presence.

The Bright Side

Yes, I am making a bold claim that I provide undeniable proof of life after death. As a Medium, it is so important to me that the  person I work with walk away knowing the truth.  Specifics are necessary for proof. General information is just not good enough. Telling someone they were loved is not going to bring my clients what they need.

I gave an old friend a message for her birthday after coming in contact with her on social media. To protect her privacy I will call her S. I knew her when we were children but had not seen or heard from her for years. I had heard a few years before getting in contact with her  that her mother died but I didn’t have her contact information. I ran into her on social media. I was just talking to her on messenger and I randomly got the feeling that comes over me when I am in contact with a spirit. It is like a whoosh of feelings. Like when someone walks up on you unexpectedly only more pleasant.   I told S I was a medium and I have a message for her from her mom. I didn’t have a business giving readings back then.  She said she was willing to hear what I had to say. There were specific  details during that reading that I remember (I often am not fully present as I give messages so I don’t remember). I remember asking if she had her mothers comb that was missing a few teeth with her mother’s hair still in it. She  confirmed she had it. I also described a mirror she had of hers. I explained that I saw so many jars of peanut butter lined on up on the sink of her old home I remembered from childhood. As I gave the message it made no sense to me. I know from my years of experience not to take what I see and try to interpret it. I  could have said her mom must have made her peanut butter and jelly but that would not be correct or satisfy my need for specifics so I just decided to merely say what I saw. She did connect with the peanut butter stating that her mother smelled strongly of peanut butter for the three days before she died. There was so much more to the reading but I remember these key moments, including the last part of the reading where I asked about a silver ring with a black stone in it. She had no idea  what I was talking about. I felt so sure of what I was saying so I asked her to write it down and  think about it. Within about a week she contacted me to tell me that she received a ring in the mail from her cousin for her birthday which fit the exact description from her cousin.

S was delighted to know her mother was still existing. Though she misses her physical presence it eased her grief to know that there would be a reunion again someday.

I have numerous stories such as this one to share. It is the most rewarding type of reading I give.

The Other Side

Though we cannot bring back our loved ones to the physical it can be so comforting to know they exist and they watch over us. Better yet to know there is a heaven waiting for us with open arms. The most beautiful place you have ever seen with everything you could ever want. More importantly the feeling of being whole, of being one and that which is pure love. Know that you are going to all those you have loved and lost in the heaven dimension.

If you wish to ease your grief or just miss your loved one , I can help.

Christine (Mamma_T)


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