Our journey on earth is one that expands our spirit through experiences that help us grow.  Transcending through death is merely a phase in our energetic existence. The key is to understand that we continue to exist. Though our loved ones who have passed on are no longer on the same plane of existence, they do live on.  To understand this, think of a person living in China and you living in Egypt before electronics, then take it further to a time before we were aware that there were others beyond our geographical location. We could only guess that there were others but had no way to contact them. The plane of existence we move to when we passover is farther in reach than another country and is beyond the reach of electronics but it is not impossible to communicate.

As a psychic medium I have been gifted with the ability to communicate with those who have transcended energy through death, angels, guides, etc.  I have provided messages from beyond for over 20 years.  During a reading we can focus on aspects of your life such as love, career, travel, etc. Your loved one(s) or other angelic energies will assist in me providing you with intuitive life coaching and/or healing.  Please feel free to email me directly for a reading at [email protected].

Christine Todd

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