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My session with Christine was incredible & more than I had expected. She gave me so much guidance and left me feeling inspired & more in touch with my higher self. Her energy is so beautiful & made me feel instantly comfortable & connected. If you are looking for any guidance, healing, questions answered or to speak to a loved one/ angels/ ancestors, Christine can do it all & more!

Thank you so much x

Taylah Sheppard
I have worked with Christine on multiple occasions and found her work, her wisdom, and her guidance to be everything I needed and more. Since working with her, I have been able to release blocks I didn’t know I had, strengthen my intuition, release pain, and found more success in my business and relationships. I am forever grateful to her, and it has been an honor to work with her.


Podcaster & Mentor
Jenna Monaco International, LLC
I had the pleasure of working with Christine on a one hour video session.  I have seen a psychic medium in person before and was very curious as to how this would work over video since it was my first time. I was blown away at how quickly as soon as we got on the video chat she felt my energy.  She is such a warm and funny soul, I truly enjoyed her and the experience we engaged in.  Right away she knew what we needed to work on.  For me it was my throat chakra blockages and she wanted to assist me in opening my 3rd eye chakra more. She started channeling my grandmother who left the earth and she did it so well, there was no denying it was my grandmother.  She touched on so many things and delivered what my grandmother wanted to say to me so beautifully, it was such a delight.  Something important my grandmother told me through Christine was that I needed to give up the rest of the dairy I had not given up (I was already aware I was lactose intolerant but had not given up cheese or cream cheese), and that this will help me lose more weight and feel much better and that I will see in just one week how different I feel.  Christine also let me know who 2 of my spirit guides were and the confirmations of that were so amazing and helpful to me, I have wanted this insight for some time now.  She also told me to look into turquoise because there was a link there with me and that color/crystal.  Christine lovingly gave me insight on how to connect more with my guides and told me I have not been utilizing/calling in their energy and she encouraged me to do this more. We then went on to do a meditation she guided me with the assistance of our Guides and Angels to remove any blockages which was mainly my throat chakra and we opened up my 3rd eye more (although we did go through each of my chakras).  It is a mediation she recommended I use whenever I want or need.  After the meditation I felt so relaxed and it was only about 10-15 minutes! She then let me ask her any questions I wanted, and one of the big messages I got from this session is that I need to let go of fear, that I have all the tools in me I need, I just need to drop this fear and expectation of how I think it should be when things come through to me from the spirit world. We also talked a little bit about my career/gifts moving forward as I have had some difficulty solidifying some aspects of this and the exact next step. I can tell Christine truly loves what she does and it is her great passion and purpose in life to assist others in such a profound way with her gifts, because at all costs she wants to really give the client what they need to hear at this time from Spirit and if it has goes a little over the time that was initially allocated for the session she does just that! I felt complete comfort working with her and felt her positive energy and light from the moment we began and knowing she only works with the highest vibrating beings of the Creators white light is so comforting.  It was indeed a magical session I will never forget! 
I must say some things have definitely changed for the better since my amazing session with Christine a couple weeks ago. Right after my session I felt lighter and clearer in the mind and body.  I have also from that day forward given up all dairy in my life and in the first week alone i lost 4 lbs! I have felt so much better and less bloated.  Also about 2 days after our session I connected very deeply with a Spirit Guide of mine and it has been so humbling and such an honor to incorporate this more in my journey. I also looked up Turquoise and it turns out it is exactly the crystal I need to work with! It is huge on enhancing communication and has great healing and protective properties for the throat chakra and other things that I could definitely use.  I just ordered my first turquoise bracelet and cannot wait to receive it and work with it!  I without a doubt highly recommend working with Christine if you feel led to have more insight, guidance, and healing in your life. As soon as I was done I wanted to book another session! Doing something like this for yourself is such a gift of a lifetime and I tell everyone I know if they feel led to do something like this even if it’s just to connect with loved ones that have crossed over to not hesitate and just do it! Whether it be through video or in person it does not matter! There is nothing to fear! Only good can come from an experience like this! Christine, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for the work you do in this world and for how you have touched my life! So much love for you amazing soul!


Christine took her time and met with me for spiritual guidance and healing. She knew about the pains I experienced as a child and delivered messages from the spirits to me that were completely relevant and illuminating to where I am in life. In this experience, Christine really took her time to answer my questions, connected with me on a human heart to human heart level while holding me in a safe, loving space while she clarified guidance from my spirit guides. Christine’s psychic powers are certainly real and what really stood out to me was her huge heart. As a highly intuitive woman and holistic coach myself, I am very sensitive to other people’s vibrations. While my own energies are open and enveloping, I do not openly discuss personal matters with those I do not know well. During our time together, I was completely at ease with Christine because I knew she was not only psychically gifted but also had my best interest in mind. In her work, Christine is living her truths and very much connected to her highest self. She served this experience with as much power as integrity. I cannot recommend her enough and am forever grateful for the gift she has given me.

Angela Kuehl



“I can’t even begin to describe the incredible reading that I just had with Christine!

She has such a beautiful gift that I am so honored to have experienced.

I needed to hear every single message that was relayed to me.

She was 100% on point with everything, delivered the messages with such love and made me feel so elated and grateful to be in contact with such an incredible soul.

I will forever be grateful for her  for this reading. It has been life changing!!!

As I told her, she has lit the fire under my ass!!”

@oracleinsightmomma (Instagram)

Thank you Christine, for an incredible experience. The reading you gave me was so personal, so insightful, so loving and patient.  Your instincts and intuition are unbelievable, and I am so grateful to have been truly seen, heard, and understood in such a spiritual way. I have such a feeling of peace, and such an excitement for my future!
I am so looking forward to having more readings  with you. You will change and enhance many lives with your beautiful gifts. Thank you. Sending ❤️ love
@earthmamaspirit (Instagram)
My reading with Christine was absolutely healing. We connected so well and I could feel her open and loving heart right away.
Christine told me something very personal about me which was the key for a big release that was much needed.
Lots of tears, lots of cries, and then lots of relief. I felt so well guided by her, along with so much compassion.
The messages she received for me from spirit have really blown me away and literally changed my life.
Like really, right after the reading it started :).
I am beyond grateful for that. Thank you so much.
I will always come back to you for guidance.
Afterwards I felt so much lighter, and I have now more confidence that I am on the right path and I also know what to do next! 😉
I highly recommend Christine. Anyone who needs guidance will find a wonderful support in her and get a magical experience.
Thank you and so much love



The moment I started my session with Christine I knew she was magical. I felt as if I had known her for a long time, and felt very safe in her presence. She has enabled me to identify limiting beliefs holding me back, and I now know what I still need to work on. She did a release session with me and it was truly liberating. Christine was able to reach parts of me that have been so closed off for a long, long time. I can’t wait to work with her again.

@Hayleyrobertson (Instagram)












Christine was phenomenal! Not only is she extremely accurate, but she’s very uplifting without sugar coating things. I felt very confused and depressed before talking with her and after getting her insight I feel a deep sense of closure and peace of mind. I feel like I have a weight lifted off of my shoulders. She knew things about me and those in my life (living and deceased) that I just couldn’t believe. She is a very gifted woman!!
Thank you so much again!!

— Ashley Petersen


I was brought to Christine via a random IG live, and I was blown away by her spirit and authenticity. She did a reading for me a few days later, and OH MY GOD. I always thought my paternal grandmother was upset with me because she was Catholic and I’m a practitioner of traditional African religions..a witch of sorts lol. I allowed my fear of her rejection get in the way of reaching out to her. Well, granny bugged Ms. Christine all day until she delivered the message. It felt so good to know That she’s watching over me. I didn’t have to tell Christine anything. She described her to

the T. My mom actually confirmed based on the description. There’s no way Christine would have known that I “should sing more.” Neither could she have known about my struggles with control. Thank you so much for being a vessel for that message. I didn’t get to know my grandmother in my adult life, so I was definitely filled with hope that I can still connect with her. Love and blessings to you, Christine. I’m so grateful to you.

–? Oya Kush

Let’s see where shall I start.. not only is Christine a true and loving friend. She helped me through a truly difficult loss. It wasn’t just the standard if you need anything let me know… She was able to help me with some closure, the true deep soul closure. There are different ways and levels of being a sensitive, but what Christine can do.. can be a gift. I was with a group of friends that was doing a celebration of life for our lost friend and love. While sitting around the table at lunch she “had a message for me and a dear friend of mine who was also close to our lost love”. She had sent me pictures when she was being channeled and receiving a message. It was not only the energy that she was sending directed towards us it was also the message in which we had received letting us know that we will get through this and move forward on with our lives. He wanted us to know that everything would be just fine and that he loves us no matter what and always be with us. It was a lengthy conversation between us but it also helped me out in the healing. I am truly grateful for everything she has helped me through. If it wasn’t for her I would probably would have been in a darker place than I was. I wish I was able to look back on the conversation and the pictures and add some to the article for this little short story. But I believe and Christine and her talent and what she can do. Thank you for everything.

— Sarah

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