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The Medium

I am a conduit for energy and information. How well we conduct together depends on our connection. As a medium, I do my best to teach others, and help them promote healing through spirit. I do not proclaim to fix anyones life. I merely provide information, tools and the magic of a deep connection with the universe to help my clients do the work. I cannot fix someone’s life or energy. I can take them through a clearing meditation but they must maintain the vibration. They must continue to work on their energy and meditate to maintain the vibration. People compare the meditations I teach with being high.  I believe they feel high because they are connecting with the euphoria of source. I feel the same way as I give a session.

When booking a session with me it is important to noice your own energy the day of your session. Are you angry, feeling mad or irritated, jet lagged or tired? Your energy matters to my energy.  Be sure you are in a good state of mind before your session begins. We can always do a meditation first which will help us to have the best connection possible.

I can:

Connect you with source energy (Check my testimonials)

Connect you with loved ones who have passed over

Give information to you about the future that spirit choses to share

Help you heal the past and change your energy

See your current timeline (this is based on your current decisions and path. Remember you have free will)

Share with you what comes through (spirits choice)

Give you insight and tools

Strengthen your connection

Mentor you

I cannot:

Give you exact dates

Give you the day you will die (god only knows)

Give you the lottery numbers (this is not something that has to do with your energy)

Guarantee the future

Make decisions for you


The Blocks

People often think being a medium is the coolest thing ever and they tell me how lucky I am that I can communicate with the other side.  It is a beautiful experience every single time I do it but it is not without stress.  I stress right before a session because there is always the fear I will be inaccurate. It doesn’t matter how many times I am accurate the fear, especially with new clients creeps in.  I have only not been able to read someone twice in my entire career. One person was given the reading as a gift and the other person was doing the reading because a friend suggested it but she didn’t really want to to do it.

To understand the pressures of giving a session, consider this example,  imagine you are asked to speak on astrophysics at a seminar and you have no training or education on the matter but you are told to just speak and you will suddenly know everything you need. Releasing fear at that moment is the only way you can get the message yet you are speaking in front of a group of people about something you know nothing about expecting to know! This is what every session is like for me. So please be patient and gentle as I go through the process of connecting. I am always willing to provide you with more time if it takes me longer to get a deep connection.

When I begin with a client there are a variety of factors which contribute to the success and accuracy of the reading. If the client has an attitude or tries to trick me (yes both has happened) source will shut down any connection. I am protected so this act is recorded as an attack.

Sometimes clients are blocked off or have an energy that isn’t as easy for me to tap into. In order for me to be able to see what is going on with my client I must be able to connect. A doctor cannot set a  bone for a cast without an X-Ray.  I cannot see what is going on without looking at a person’s energy.  This takes consent on the part of my client.  I cannot read my client if they don’t really want it, are fearful I will see what they hide from themselves and the world, or they don’t believe it is possible.  I work with god energy so a person who lacks in faith cannot accept the healing coming from the universal energy.  I have read and converted a few skeptics in my career but their soul was looking for something more. Consent can come on a soul level and that is why I can have a message from someone who hasn’t asked for a reading. Once I am connected it may be a loud connection or a spotty one. When I am in their energy field I am able to see where they have been, their traumas, what they are doing to prevent joy, where they are headed and connect with their spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed. Through them and the source energy I connect with the other side so the more open they are the easier it is for me to bring a powerful and clear message. Many times the most powerful part of a session is delivered after a meditation. This is because the person is now flowing with the energy of source, open and fearless.


The High

Connecting on this level produces a high better than any drug. The connection creates a chemical release in the body which can produce euphoria, happiness, tingling, etc.  There is nothing better in my life than this experience. The experience of having the connection and watching another person open to the world beyond.  I am so ecstatic when my clients contact me to tell me every joyous thing and how their desires kick and manifestations kick into high gear.

I learn from every single client I work with about them, spirit and myself. Many times, with those who are open energetically a family bond seems to be created. It is like I have always known them because our souls remember each other as we connect. I often check on my clients from time to time and give repeat clients a free message here and there.

If you are ready to experience the miracle of connecting click here to book You can book a session (all sessions include a meditation excluding text readings) or just a meditation. Prices start at just $15 dollars depending on which session you choose.

Medium Christine

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