Meditation Transformation


Do you know that meditation is not only scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety but it is the most incredible way to open your connection to the universe or source energy? When we get out of our way and remove our self from ego that is where the magic happens.

Many people say they don’t want to meditate because they can’t silence their brain and they find it boring. It isn’t about silence it is about refocusing and allowing flow. The creative flow when we get fear and judgement out of the way. Many of us second guess ourselves or overthink our situations.

Every meditation I provide is spirit lead. I focus on the blocks a person has and what they need to remove the blocks from that energy center. If I am working with a group I will focus on what benefits the group. In an individual session we go much deeper into releasing traumas held in the energy centers of the body.

Types of Meditation

I focus on the chakra system for energy balancing. If one of your chakras is out of balance it can throw off your flow causing a number of health or emotional problems. You may suffer reoccurring traumas, disagreements with different people, experience being walked on, pushed around, not working well with others, and what is perceived as repeat bad luck.

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