Purging and Peace

Do you see this pile of junk? This came out of the past 17 years of my life. Hobbies and an abundance of decorations for holidays. I went through my garage today with the purpose of letting go of things that don’t serve my joy.

As I went through the tubs of saved items I saw previous versions of myself. All this stuff I bought for being “this mom” seamstress, scrapbooking, perfect holidays with over the top decorations, candle making, and the list goes on. Things that never made me happy. Trying to fill some void. Connection to love and the creator is all we need for fulfilling ourselves. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time searching for something I’ve always had. I share this embarrassing pile at 44 so that you may not waste time or take as long as I have to wake up to the joy of who you are and your power. Enjoy experiences, people, scenery and just being. Love and light!




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